"Rob Murphy experimenting
with prototype dive legs
only 4 months after his accident!!!"
Cheers Matt
"It feels great to finally
be diving again with friends,
and getting some of my life back"
Rob Murphy
'When we were finally able to get started,
AneMary took right to the leg.
I used one of my proprietary suction
designs and it worked great.
She looked up at herself in the mirror
and I saw that bright smile of hers.
The next time I saw her, she just walked in
.. no walker, no canes…'
Matt & AneMary
"Little Jeff showing off
his new power ranger prosthesis,
losing his first tooth and learning
how to ride his bike all in one week!"
Matt and Scott show off
a Guy Harvey design on a socket.
Patients love the custom
patterns we can create
for their prosthesis.
Matt & Scott
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I Needed a Leg to Stand On - Part II

Ted Jackson Story by Matt Bailey, LPO

Ted is a young active guy, who loves Baseball. He lost his leg in a car accident a few years ago.
Ted came to my office on the advice of his Orthopedic surgeon to see if we could do anything to avoid another surgery to his residual limb.
“What kind of problems are you having”, I asked.
“This bone is killing me”, he said. “I can’t wait to take my leg off as soon as I my shift is over and when I do, there is often blood in my liner. My last prosthetist told me nothing more can be done.”
Well, that bone was his fibula and due to the nature of the traumatic accident, it protruded about an inch further than his tibia. It also had no soft tissue covering it except skin graft. The other problem I saw was that his tibia was very short. He had very little M-L stability in his current prosthesis and little control. He had developed Verruccus Hyperplasia from the socket he was wearing and the bottom of his residual limb looked plain bad.
Could I help him? Sure. I designed a full suction prosthesis with my double wall system and knee joints. We used custom liners and made a lot of extra room for the fibula. We used a torque absorber and Freedom Innovations, carbon fiber foot.
When Ted finally got the leg, he couldn’t believe it. He had no pistoning with the suction, full stability with the knee joints, and the bone didn’t hurt. He started running in the parking lot and then he sort of squatted down and started shifting from side to side. At the same time, he would reach his hands down together to the ground.
“What the heck are you doing?” I said.
Just seeing if I can field grounders again”, he said.
I few months later, Ted was in for a check up. He reported that he wears his leg all day, and forgets to take it off!! The bottom of his residual limb healed up beautifully and even the scars from the skin graft laid down smooth.
“So, what else do you need to do with your prosthesis?” I asked.
Leap tall buildings with a single bound.” he joked.
Read Ted’s letter to fellow amputees, here.

  • I Needed a Leg to Stand On - Part II
  • I Needed a Leg to Stand On - Part II