"Rob Murphy experimenting
with prototype dive legs
only 4 months after his accident!!!"
Cheers Matt
"It feels great to finally
be diving again with friends,
and getting some of my life back"
Rob Murphy
'When we were finally able to get started,
AneMary took right to the leg.
I used one of my proprietary suction
designs and it worked great.
She looked up at herself in the mirror
and I saw that bright smile of hers.
The next time I saw her, she just walked in
.. no walker, no canes…'
Matt & AneMary
"Little Jeff showing off
his new power ranger prosthesis,
losing his first tooth and learning
how to ride his bike all in one week!"
Matt and Scott show off
a Guy Harvey design on a socket.
Patients love the custom
patterns we can create
for their prosthesis.
Matt & Scott
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Video Gallery

Ted Jackson

"Matt, New amputees (like I was) don't know what to expect or if their limitations are real. Please pass this on so others can learn from my experiences. :)" -

Rob Murphy Diver

Prosthetic leg fabrication; a how to guide to how we make artificial limbs

A little insight into the world of prosthetics. Scott narrates the processess involved in getting fit with an artificial limb.


Playing with grandpa

Go Aiden go!


Go Connor!

Mr. Law

Stopping in for coffee!


Walking on the lawn!!


First time walking

Aiden stands alone


Lesson on prosthetic socks

Prosthetic socks

On the light side.......

Useful things :)

3D Prosthetic helps dog run

Connor's first steps

Alivia on the rails

Aiden-Born Different

Here is Aiden who has grown up so much over the last few years and has really accepted his disability and how he is overcoming his differences. He has such a positive outlook and he is truly inspiring. Click on this link to see the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Il5KprqKEA